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Can You Pressure Wash a Brick House?

There is something so classic and enticing about a brick home. It captures the attention of many people and transports them through time, which may be why brick homes are so popular among potential buyers. Known for their sturdiness, bricks have been used in the construction industry for many years and for several good reasons. Bricks are built to last, durable, and easy to keep up with. However, they still require a good cleaning once in a while. 

Cleaning a brick house can be tricky because some bricks may be strong and porous. It might be difficult to power wash bricks especially when they are used for flooring, fireplaces, and any other horizontal space. Fortunately, exterior walls are vertical so there is less of a chance that those bricks will retain water if they are pressure washed. 

Is a pressure wash fine for a brick house?

The answer is yes – given that you follow certain rules and safety measures when doing it. A pressure washer, especially a high pressure one, can damage weathered brick houses. If there are any loose materials, especially when the house is old, it can be blasted away by a pressure washer on a high setting. Using high pressure can create an illusion of cleanliness because the surface layer is removed but it’s not clean at all and damages your home’s exterior surface. You should also avoid cleaning your siding with any acidic cleaners such as ammonia because it can cause damage by eating away its outer surface. 

Soft washing for your brick home

Brick is porous and not waterproof. Using high pressure cleaning will allow the brick to absorb more water than it normally can and after a few years, you will be able to see noticeable damage to the brick. The process happens slowly but can’t be stopped once it starts. Eventually, you will need to replace all the bricks on your house once it starts to crumble. Instead, using a soft washing method will prevent damage to your brick exterior. Soft washing means there is less pressure being applied to your brick home so there is less of a chance that the bricks will sustain damage. 

Soft washing uses less harmful cleaners that gets rid of surface contaminants safely. When followed by a low-pressure rinse afterwards, it can effectively remove all that dirt and other debris necessary to keep your brick home clean. However, like any other type of cleaning method, it should be done properly and should only be executed by professionals to be sure that your brick home is thoroughly clean without the risk of damage.

Maintaining a brick home comes with its challenges but the aftermath makes all the hard work worth it. Remember that your brick home is special and therefore needs special care such as a special type of soft washing. Make sure to talk to a professional power wash cleaner to ensure an effective cleaning process without the risk of damaging your brick home.