Patio Powerwashing

Tips for Improving Your Patio

A patio is a great addition that allows you to extend your home’s living space. Whether you are organizing a dinner party with your friends or just an intimate time with your family and loved ones, you can do this perfectly under the starry sky that can be seen from your patio. However, over time, your patio will lose its color and may wear out. Due to this, a patio improvement may be needed. 

To help you give your patio a new and improved look, here are 5 effective patio improvement tips for you.

  1. Keep it nice and clean

Being an outdoor space, your patio is subject to different weather conditions and all kinds of dirt. While you can easily remove dried leaves and twigs with a broom, there are also dirt spots that have stuck on the patio materials. Check the cracks on the patio for weeds that have grown in it. You can remove it yourself by pulling them out or you can use a weed killing solution.  

  1. Pressure wash it

If there are still dirts on your patio that you were not able to remove with manual cleaning, you can opt for pressure washing it. The good thing about a pressure wash is that it is less labor-intensive and more time efficient. You will no longer risk hurting your back by scrubbing your patio. The cleaning job can be done in a couple of minutes or so too. To make pressure washing more effective, it is best to contact a reputable pressure washing company in your area to do the task for you since they know the right pressure to clean your patio without damaging it. 

  1. Re-seal

So you are done cleaning and power washing your patio. Then the next step that you may want to consider is resealing the area. Resealing your patio will not just improve its aesthetic appeal, but will also extend its lifespan. Like power washing, patio resealing is also best left to professionals. They have more experience with the job and can even give you suggestions on which type of sealer to use on your patio based on its materials. 

  1. Add the right decorations and lighting

Decorations are the best way to give your patio a new look. You can add flowering plants to make your space more lively and colorful. Because your patio is not only for daytime use, don’t forget to add lighting to your outdoor living space. You can opt for weather resistant lighting fixtures or just a couple of stringed lights hanging above the area. Lighting will definitely improve the functionality of your outdoor space. 

  1. Heat it up or cool it off

There are two things that will complete the look of your patio, a fire pit and a fountain.  A fire pit will give your patio a classy and sophisticated appeal. The warmth emitting from the fire will make your patio cozier as you spend time in it. And if you have more unused space in it, why not add a fountain at the corner? A water feature will make your patio a great place to visit if you want to relax on spring or summer afternoon.