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Why You Should Power Wash Your Fence

Your fence, like your home, is exposed to weather and temperature changes like heat, rain, dust, and dirt. Because of this, it is very easy for your fence to get dirty. Before you decide on repainting your fence or installing a new one, you may want to try power washing it first. 

Power washing involves the cleaning of your fence by using a high-pressure water spray to remove the grime, dust, mold, paint, and dirt from the surface of the fence. Power washing your fence before repainting or restaining it can give it a whole new look. Other benefits of power washing your fence are:

  1. It offers proactive maintenance

Wooden fences often attract mold and dirt which can make your fence vulnerable to insect infestation and rotting. Power washing your fence is a part of its proper maintenance in order to keep it in good condition and prevent premature repairs or replacement. 

  1. It enhances your home’s appearance

A dirty and unkempt fence can decrease your home’s value and dampen the look of your home. 

Cleaning your fence with power wash before repainting or restaining it is a great way to bring life and color to your property, making your house look more inviting. 

  1. It improves your home’s curb appeal

If you are planning to put your property up for sale in the future, then power washing your fence and repainting it is a great way to attract potential buyers. The first thing that will welcome your guests when checking your property is your fence. A dull looking or damaged fence can make potential buyers less interested in checking out the rest of the home. However, a clean fence will give them the impression that the property is well maintained and purchasing it is a great investment. Your fence can even help you sell your home at a higher price. 

  1. It protects the health of your family

The changing of seasons can leave moisture on your wooden fence leading to mildew and mold growth. Additionally, the mold and mildew accumulated on your dirty fence can enter your home, which may cause damage to your home’s structure and trigger allergies and asthma. Protect your home and your family by routinely power washing your fence. Using a high quality power washer will guarantee that all of these irritants will be eliminated. 

  1. It extends the life of your fence

If you include power washing as a part of your regular fence maintenance, it will extend the life of the structure. Power washing your fence regularly will remove any harmful elements before they can damage the fence’s boards and posts, saving you from a potential costly repair and allowing you to enjoy your fence for many more years. 

Power washing offers many benefits to your fence. When it comes to power washing your fence, it is crucial to get help from professionals with the right tools and expertise to handle the job quickly and efficiently.