Changing Your Home’s Appearance with Paint

When you live in a house for a long time, everything becomes familiar. While some people may find this homely and comforting, others love to spice things up by changing things from time to time. Painting the house’s exterior can help you attain this goal at a minimum cost.

While not many things will change, a new coat of paint will help your house look refreshed. BER services offer the best pressure washing and painting services. Don’t hold back your desire for newness. Let us help you give your house a brand new face.

Do I Need a Paint-job?

It is possible to notice when your home requires a fresh coat of paint, especially if you have lived in it for over a decade. However, the timeframe for repainting varies depending on the area’s humidity. The following should give you a heads-up that it’s time for a new look.

  • Paint blisters: Blisters usually appear as bubbles on the painted surfaces due to moisture. Humid areas are more prone to this effect than dry areas.
  • Peeling: Your paint may peel due to moisture, age, and scratching. Patches of peeled paint are not a good look, especially on the front side of your house.
  • Cracking: Paint cracks usually leave your walls looking like they have scales or splits. These cracks sometimes lead people to assume they have cracked walls.
  • Mildew: Mildew usually feeds on the paint film leaving it with a rust-like stain. This fungus can cause quite a lot of damage to your home’s paint.

The Painting Process

At BER services, we do the best paint job to ensure your home looks incredible regardless of age. Here is how we do it.


We start with cleaning the walls to remove all dirt, mildew, and stains to ensure that all surfaces are spotless so that the paint adheres properly. Exterior painting will require power washing to clean the siding. 

Covering and Sealing

Before working with any brush, we cover floors, windows, furniture, and other nearby surfaces to prevent paint from spilling on them. We also seal any cracks between windows and doors with caulk to ensure the painters have a smooth surface to work on.


We often use high-quality paint that will last and give the perfect finish to your home. Our experts always consult on the color and kind of paint you prefer before we arrive for the job. We start by applying a primer on all surfaces that need painting to improve adhesion. After the primer, we come in with the paint and give the house the perfect touch.

Clearing and Inspection

After the painting is complete, we remove all dirt, tape, and covering to ensure you will not deal with our mess when we leave. We also inspect the final work with the client to ensure everything happened according to the agreement.

From our experience, repainting your home’s interior or exterior helps you to appreciate the structure’s beauty. The transformation gives you the desired change and motivates you to keep renovating the place. A new coat of paint is what you need to see your home’s beauty again.