Cleaning the vinyl siding

What Is That Green Stain On My Siding?

As a responsible homeowner, it is important that you take some time to check your home for any possible problems and damage. Home maintenance is essential to ensure that your home is always in its best state, plus it can help prevent problems from occurring, or you can prevent it from getting worse. As part of your regular home care, you should consider checking your home exterior, not just your interior part. After all, your home exterior is the one getting exposed to a lot of outside elements.

You might be living comfortably inside without knowing that your exterior part is already rotten or damaged. Apart from preventing damage, inspecting your home’s exterior is also done to maintain the cleanliness and maintain your home’s outside appearance. One of the most ignored parts of your home is your siding. Your siding can show signs of wear and tear and should be maintained regularly.

Siding maintenance

Like any other exterior parts of your home, sidings can become dirty over time. With all the accumulation of dirt and dust, your siding will eventually look nasty but don’t worry, as it can be removed by power washing. However, if you notice the appearance of green stains, spraying water might not be enough. So, what is that green stain on your siding and what does it mean when it appears? When you see green stains on siding, it is usually the result of mold, mildew, algae, or moss growth. 

This unwanted growth is encouraged by moisture, so you have an idea that most of these green stains can be found in areas where the sun does not shine. These green stains can occur over time and can be a natural occurrence. When your home’s siding turns green, it can decrease the beauty of your home’s exterior beauty. 

Causes of green stain on your siding

The green color on your siding appears because of:

  • Mold

Mold growth increases when there is an ongoing issue with a leakage anywhere inside the house or an issue with your drainage. Therefore, it is important that you address the underlying plumbing problems to remove the molds effectively. 

  • Algae

They appear in areas where there is accumulated dirt and dust. Unlike molds, algae are just plainly cosmetic and can be removed with just a basic cleaning process. 

Once you know why mold, moss and algae appear on your siding, you can go to the root of the problem first and then fix it. Afterward, you can start cleaning your siding – even include the areas that appear clean to ensure that your siding is thoroughly clean with no dirt, stains and dust to worry about. Keep your home looking at its best all year by making sure its exterior side is well maintained, clean and free from any form of stains there is. One way to take this cleaning level to the next step is by pressure washing. For more information on pressure washing in the Northern Virginia region, contact us at BER Services, INC.